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Bottle Inspection


UniscanBOTTLE is a visual inspection system for high-speed checking of bottles and glasses prior to their filling. Typically it is applied in food industry (breweries, distilleries, spirits industry, drink production lines, etc.) as part of health and safety checks. The system verifies the bottle necks, bases, walls and at the same time scans each object from up to four angles to achieve maximum performance and quality control.




  • Detection of defects from 1 mm2
  • Suitable for lines with speeds up to 72,000 bottles/hour
  • Powerful flash illumination synchronized with the presence of a bottle and the camera
  • Sensitivity configuration for each inspection
  • Configuration of minimum size of detected defects
  • Configuration of different bottle typ detection
  • Flexibility due to the modularity of the system
  • Integration with higher levels of the production line
  • Inspection result statistics export
  • Result image data backup
  • User and user rights management
  • Remote service and management
  • Application localization

Detected Defects

  • Impurities (e.g. funghi, scratches) on walls or the bottom
  • Foreign objects (straws, shards, foils, bottle caps etc.)
  • Missing pieces (broken or cracked bottles)
  • Chipped, non-compact, dirty bottle neck
  • Bottle shape and color
  • Label or cap presence


  • Different bottle types, sizes and materials (glass, PET)
  • Detection of defects, impurities and foreign objects on washing line outputs and filling line inputs
  • Bottle quality inspection during production


  • Litovel Brewery
  • PepsiCo CZ
  • Rychtář Brewery
  • Protivín Brewery
  • Korunní
  • Toma Teplice nad Metují
  • Samson Brewery
  • Trutnov Brewery
  • Jihlava Brewery
  • Steiger - Vyhne (SK)
  • Urpiner - Bánská Bystrica (SK)
  • Kirov (RU)
  • Liepaja (LT)
  • Jurajska (PL)
  • Tervete (LT)
  • Morshansk (RU)
  • Piwniczanka (PL)
  • APO Fruchsäfte (AT)