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Component Inspection


The UniscanCVS series visual systems are designed for visual product quality control during manufacturing of a broad range of components. The components can be scanned a set of cameras from different views as required. The system is adaptable in terms of verifying incomplete polarity markings, cracks and chippings etc. Special illumination is used to highlight 3D defects, simultaneously suppress characters and enhance production defects, e.g. microscopic holes, contamination. The system can accurately detect defects from sizes of microns at a rate of dozens of components per second. Further quality control consists of comparing contact’s shapes and rejecting defective components.




  • Sensitivity configuration for each inspection
  • Configuration of detected defects parameters
  • Possible defect set extension
  • Statistics export
  • Automatic system diagnostics
  • User and user rights management
  • Remote service and management


  • SMD component inspection
  • Inspection of different component shapes
  • Inspection of item orientation and positioning
  • Inspection of colors and structure
  • Welding quality inspection
  • Inspection of contacts etc.

Detected Defects

  • Cracks
  • Fragments
  • 3D surface defects
  • Contamination (dirt, ash)
  • Gauging component sizes


  • AVX Czech Republic, s. r. o.