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Laser Beam Deflector


The UniscanLASER optical systems intended for precise and fast laser beam deflection. The deflector is designed for applications requiring accuracy within microns, such as miniature contact welding, cutting and carving. Due to the system’s small size it is possible to insert it between the output of a laser beam and the manufactured component.

The UniscanLASER system can be enhanced with an intelligent camera system for image processing together with an adjusted illumination unit. This solution consists of advanced algorithms for automatic object targeting, system calibration and other features. Applications benefit from correction of errors caused by manufacturing tolerances, product mounting during on the fly contact welding, etc.



Operation Principle

The system consists of two parts: the measurement section and the laser section. The measurement part (in this case the camera system) performs exact positioning measurement (e.g. for welding) on each component. This acquired data is transferred to the laser section, where the UniscanLASER controls the laser beam deflection based on the supplied positioning data.



  • Very fast and accurate deflection
  • Suitable for a wide range of laser products


  • Accurate laser deflection
  • Laser welding
  • Laser carving
  • Laser cutting


  • AVX Czech Republic, s. r. o.