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Red Light Enforcement


Red Light Enforcement - UnicamREDLIGHT

The UnicamREDLIGHT system is a solution for obtaining documentation of vehicles that run the red light signal at intersections. The ANPR cameras capture red light running vehicles at the stop-line. The overview camera detects and documents the phase of the traffic light as well as records the situation in the intersection and the motion of vehicles into the intersection. Due its non-intrusive nature there is no connection to the traffic controller required and it can operate without inductive loops as well.


Additional Features

The system automatically eliminates false red-light violation detections – e.g. the vehicle passes the stopline but is not continuing in driving into the intersection, turning on green or red-light (in countries when applicable) etc.

It is also suitable for traffic data collection and classification. The system can be combined with other ITS systems like spot and section speed enforcement, vehicle search etc.