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Construction and Installation

The following pictures illustrate the installation of the Unicam camera system in an urban agglomeration.

The cameras may not only be installed on portals but also on the side of the road using public street lighting poles, traction poles etc.

Stationary and Mobile Versions

The Unicam camera system is being produced in both a stationary and a mobile version which can be easily transferred or replaced with dummy copies as a decoy for visible deterrence. Due to the possibility of wireless communication, the data produced by the system can be sent to the central office immediately for on-line system operation. The mobile version is intended to be used for the needs of urban areas - near schools, intersections, etc.

Dummy Copies

Thanks to the system construction, dummy copies can also be installed as a visible deterrent. So, the areas occupied with the Unicam camera systems can be using both standard units and dummy copies of components which can be frequently exchanged. The past field experience shows that such areas are adopted by the public as entirely and constantly monitored with a minimal cost.